I’m back!

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Hey everybody! It has been a year since my last post. My mother has been diagnosed with an early stage of Alzheimer’s and that put me down for a while and stopped baking that much. It took a while for me to get use to the idea of what was going on, specially because I live so far away, but I have been back to Peru twice in the last year and I can see that my mom is in a stable condition for now. It is so important that if someone has any kind of dementia, they don’t wait too long to go to a doctor, get a diagnosis and start a treatment so the illness doesn’t progress that fast .

My husband has been really supportive in any way you can imagine, he is really my rock. I’ve had pretty dark moments where I thought that maybe my mom won’t recognize me anymore BUT we are not in that stage yet and hopefully it never will. Hiking has helped a lot too . I love my trails!

I’ve made posts in Instagram and Twitter but no recipes attached to them. Most of posts in social media are about the places I go, food I eat, things I cook or bake, wine, cheese, hiking…

It has been an interesting year : we made a new addition to our family , we rescued a dog, her name is Pom Pom and she is a Cockapoo. She is the sweetest girl and she gets along very well with Carrie (my maltipoo), she has some health issues but we are trying to figure out what can be done.  We traveled to Mexico again (this time Cancun) for our 5th year anniversary, we had a great time. I traveled to Peru twice and I got to spend time with my family and friends. We celebrated the 50 Years Anniversary of my parents ( OMG, RIGHT? ), it was nice to have all the family reunited for that occasion. Made great friendships and ended some which were not very good. Overall all has been good for my family.

So here we are, time for baking and have a great time!

I will post my new recipe soon! Don’t forget to follow me in social media!






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