Strawberry Icebox Cake

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I’ve been trying to come up with quick and no bake desserts for the last 2 weeks. It has been hot and the last thing I want to do is turn my oven on. Even though we have A/C in the house I just don’t want to have something hot going on in my kitchen. We have been grilling lately so I don’t have to cook much (well, hubby is preparing the meat on the grill when I am doing sides). Anyway it has been working out well for us and my oven has been off for a few days.

Today, I’m hosting a new collab on Instagram and our theme is No-bake Desserts. Perfect timing because I wanted to post this recipe for a long time. This Strawberry Icebox Cake (Carlota de fresas) is my twist for the key lime one that I already have posted here on my blog.

I’m using Maria cookies but if you want to use any other cookies like graham crackers you can welcome to do so. The strawberry filling is made with fresh strawberries, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, unflavored gelatin and a touch of lemon juice. Serve it super cold and it’s perfect for Summertime.

Don’t forget to watch my stories on Instagram because I just posted how to make this dessert, click here . Also, if you make this, tag me so I know you made it!

Let’s start with the recipe.

Yield one 8 inch pan (I used a Springform pan)


About 30-35 Marias Cookies or any other cookies without filling (I got a bix box at Walmart. Here is the link Gamesa Marias Cookies, 29.6 oz – –

1 can sweetened condensed milk

1 can evaporated milk

1 cup of fresh strawberry puree (you can add 1/4 cup more if you want to)

fresh juice of one big lemon

1 small envelope of unflavored gelatin (I used Knox brand)

1/4 cup cold water

Optional: Decorate with whipped cream or fresh strawberries like in my picture.


1.- Line the bottom and sides of your pan with plastic wrap. Set aside.

2.-In a small bowl mix unflavored gelatin and cold water. Let it “bloom” for about 5 minutes.

3.- After 5 minutes, the gelatin-water mixture will look like a block. Place this bowl into the microwave and wam it up for about 40 seconds. Take it out from the microwave and using a spoon mix it well. It should look liquid, all disolved. Let it cool for a couple of minutes.

4.- When the gelatin mixture cools: Pour evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk into a blender. Mix in medium speed until everything is well combined. Add strawberry puree and keep mixing.

5.- With the blender running, add the lemon juice LITTLE BY LITTLE. Then, add the cooled gelatin mixture and keep mixing until you get a thicker cream.

6.- Now, it’s time to make the layers. You will have 4 layers of cream and 3 of cookies. You will start with the cream. Pour some on the bottom of your prepared loaf pan, then place cookies, add more cream, then more cookies and continue doing this until you use all the cream. The last layer HAS to be cream.

7.- Cover with plastic wrap and place it in the fridge overnight.

Next morning…

8.- Take the pan out of the fridge and make sure the plastic wrap is not stuck to the sides. Flip it over a dish and then carefully remove the plastic wrap. You will see a nice smooth dessert.

9.- At this point you can slice it or decorated with homemade whipped cream frosting and strawberries like I did.

Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

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