ChocoTejas (Peruvian Truffles)


Every time I go to Peru to visit my family and friends, I have to buy a couple of boxes of these delicious treats that are originally from the Ica region of Peru. Choco Tejas are chocolate truffles filled with dulce de leche, nuts or dried fruit. My favorite combinations are the ones with dulce de leche and pecans or dulce de leche and rum raisins. 

My best friend came from Peru to visit a couple of months ago and she brought me some molds so I could make these chocolate bom boms and guess what… they came out really really good. They are not hard to make, and they can be kept at room temperature or in the fridge for many many days.

If you are looking for some nice chocolate to give away for Valentine’s Day, you should give this recipe a try. Watch my video on Instagram @pastry_tales so you can see how I made them.

Let’s start with the recipe.

Yield about 25 choco tejas (It all depends on the size of the mold you use)


Pecans (in half)

Rum Raisins (you can soak your raisins in rum for a couple of hours or overnight)

1 can of Dulce de Leche

Dark Chocolate Candy Melts

One chocolate Mold. You can use any shape you want. It should be deep enough because you will have a chocolate layer, dulce de leche, raisins or pecans and then cover it again with chocolate.


1.- Pour a thin layer of melted chocolate into your mold (bottom and sides). You can use a small spoon to help spread the chocolate all around.

2.- When the chocolate is set, pour you can of dulce de leche into a pastry bag and then pipe some into each chocolate mold cavity.

3.- Place a half of a pecan or some raisins (without the rum liquid) on top of the dulce de leche layer. Press down a little bit.

4.- Cover with more chocolate and put in the fridge to firm up. Unmold carefully and then serve.

You can buy foil candy wrappers so you can give them like a gift or to plate them nicely. Here is a link.